About RightHook

RightHook was founded by automotive engineers to bring automotive’s stringent verification requirements into the AI realm. Leveraging a diverse team with backgrounds in visual simulation, content creation, machine learning, vehicle controls, and web-scale infrastructure, RightHook is purpose-built to deliver an uncanny virtual test vehicle.


RightWorld Simulator

RightHook provides the world;
just bring your code



Train your perception, control, and mapping algorithms on data that you can rapidly iterate on -- without annotators in the loop.


Ensure your code base's capabilities are only moving forward with automated test drives.


Ready to push an update? Roll out to a new city? Get the kind of confidence that only comes from large-scale statistics

Kick the virtual tires with our development kit

Get started developing your code without visiting a dealership, splicing wires, or turning a wrench. Capital expenses, time suck, and risk all go to zero when you develop in a virtual driving environment. RightHook’s modular design means whether you are developing perception, path planning, controls, or the full stack, you can rapidly prototype your system in a closed loop.

  • Virtual environments

    Import HD Map data to create rich environments

  • Lasting test cases

    Create scenarios you can always test against

  • Traffic simulation

    Play in traffic, risk-free

  • Sensor simulation

    Test with sensor signals or ground-truth scene data

  • Run anywhere

    Run the exact same system on your laptop or your cloud

  • Existing interfaces

    Don’t change your middleware for us, we come to you

11,000,000,000 miles are needed to reach statistical confidence an autonomous vehicle has exceeded human driving by 20%

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