About the Company

Core Values

At RightHook, we believe there is an opportunity like never before to expand access to safe, enjoyable mobility. Whether you are inside or outside of a vehicle, absorbing a public space or traveling through it, as technology advances, your safety, security, and privacy should be continuously improving. Instead, over the last several years we have only seen road fatalities increase, and convenience features masquerading as safety features pass the buck to an untrained, misinformed public. RightHook’s vision is a world where safety in mobility is a given, not a competition.

Our Mission

RightHook is helping companies bring safer robotic and AI systems to market faster and with more confidence. From rapid prototyping to large-scale, we are excited to help our customers build systems that have never been built before. The journey to safe roads will be a long one; let’s all work together to get there efficiently and with the public’s rightly-earned trust.

Our History

  • DECEMBER 2015

    Jon and Warren met while researching Autonomous Vehicles @ Ford Motor Company

  • SEPTEMBER 2016

    RightHook was founded

  • FEBRUARY 2017

    RightHook announces RightWorld simulation product

  • MAY 2017

    RightHook raises $2m in capital from First Round Capital, Root.vc, Tencent, SilverLake and Fontinalis

  • JULY 2017

    RightHook announces additional support for Hardware-In-The-Loop with RightWorldHIL

  • NOVEMBER 2017

    RightHook named as top game changing startup of 2018 by CB Insights

Meet our leadership

Warren Ahner

CEO and Co-Founder

Warren Ahner has over a decade of successful leadership in Silicon Valley. Warren’s career has been spent solving large scale cloud and security problems with his most recent success as the Director of Engineering at Elastica (Symantec). Warren has spent time leading cloud computing and security efforts at Cisco and most recently Ford Motor Company. Warren spends his free time competitively racing with the SCCA, riding motorcycles around the world and talking to his dog about macroeconomic issues.


Jon Mullen

CTO and Co-Founder Developer

Jon Mullen comes to automated systems from a background in controls engineering. He received the MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky (go Big Blue!) after getting up close and personal with fixed-wing UAVs. At Ford Motor Company, he worked on optimization algorithms for adaptive cruise control in Michigan then mapping algorithms in Palo Alto. In his downtime he enjoys urban exploration and watching dashcam footage..



About our team

Our team comes from the top companies in Silicon Valley, Automotive and Robotics. RightHook is backed by the number one Venture Capital firms in Software, Hardware, and Mobility.


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