How It Works

Fully Closed Loop Simulation

RightHook’s platform augments real-world testing by providing customers with a digital twin of complex driving environments. Our platform was designed from the ground up to train and validate a large array of AI-powered robotic applications in automotive, aerospace, and next-generation infrastructure.

Environment Creation

RightMap utilizes our customers’ and partners’ existing HDMap data to create a physics-based representation of the real world. RightMap generates rich 3d environments that capture the complexity of real-world geometry, right of way, and traffic flow at massive scale. Whether you’re looking for an infinitely large skid pad, one of our test track partners, or your next deployment city, we’ve got you covered.

Scenario Creation

Scenario creation is fast and easy using our lightweight design tool. Begin by setting up a base scenario and let our powerful AI platform take over, deriving high-value permutations and test cases automatically — not creating useless entropy. We are also happy to expose our scenario definition to power users for scenario generation scripting.

Vehicle Configuration

RightHook’s vehicle configuration allows users to rapidly iterate on the sensor set. We offer a wide array of sensor types: camera, infrared, lidar, radar, gps, imu, and ultrasonic. Select from a wide variety of middleware and hardware level protocols to ensure your simulation experience is true to life. No secondary integrations needed; native support for ADTF, CAN, DriveWorks, LCM, LVDS, ROS, PolySync and easily extendable to support custom middleware options as well.

11,000,000,000 miles are needed to reach statistical confidence an autonomous vehicle has exceeded human driving by 20%

Test Management

Our test system integrates into existing build systems such as Jenkins and TravisCI and change and tracking systems like DOORS and PLM for an automatic testing pipeline.


In-depth reports for engineering and debugging, high-level reporting for management, historical metrics for government compliance. All of our metrics are absolute and measurable.

Testing autonomous system software in the physical world is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and, most importantly, not repeatable. RightHook specializes in building next-generation simulation for autonomous robotics, offering a suite of products specifically designed for SAE level 2/3/4/5 automotive applications.

Supported sensors

  • Configuration

    choose location and orientation of sensors relative to vehicle or world

  • Cameras

    all common encodings, including LDR or HDR

  • Lidar

    parameterizations support mechanically scanning, flash, and solid-state lidar

  • Radar

    data-driven short- and long-range radars

  • IMU

    arbitrary accuracy

  • GPS

    arbitrary accuracy

Additional data feeds:
  • Object model representation

    Including transform and bounding box

  • Pixel-wise depth

    And object metadata segmentation for cameras

  • Object Metadata

    Segmentation for lidars

  • Traffic Control

    Device states

  • Human states

    Realistic human behaviors based on millions of real world data sets

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