RightMap provides an automated system for generating detailed 3d physics-based environments from HD Map data. RightMap also provides an easy-to-use interface for creating testing scenarios based on real map locations. Creating a scenario inside of RightMap is as easy as point, click, drag and drop. Once a scenario is saved, RightMap can assist in creating thousands of variations based on the original scenario. This functionality is available in both the graphical user interface and programmatically using one of RightMap’s APIs.


RightWorldHIL utilizes the power of full environmental simulation to rapidly test systems that may be a mix of production and research hardware and software. It can cover large-scale unit and integration testing matrices with fewer visits to the test track.

RightWorldHD (L4+)

RightWorldHD provides high-performance software-to-software testing of virtual drivers. By simulating vehicle dynamics, outdoor environments, weather, time of day, and sensor models, RightWorldHD allows users to close the loop around entire control systems or around single components. We bring the virtual vehicle to our customers by supporting commonly used middlewares like NVIDIA DriveWorks, LCM, and ROS, with support extended easily for custom communication protocols.

Traffic Simulation

RightHook’s dynamic multi-agent traffic system is unlike any traffic simulation system built to date. We offer massive, deterministic simulation of pedestrians, cars, bikes, motorcycles and animals. Every host’s personality is tunable and based on real-world behavior. Our system was designed to be 100% deterministic in nature from the ground up, and every host in our simulation acts with its local understanding of the scene.



Using our scenario tool, our customers are able to animate rich narratives that push their AVs to the limit. RightHook has designed a powerful parameterization model for scenarios, allowing for quick permutation generation. Or, take a hands-off approach and let our adversarial AI generate new test cases for you based on your system’s prior performance.

Supported sensors

Configuration: choose location and orientation of sensors relative to vehicle or world

Cameras: all common encodings, including LDR or HDR

Lidar: parameterizations support mechanically scanning, flash, and solid-state lidar

Radar: data-driven short- and long-range radars

IMU: arbitrary accuracy

GPS: arbitrary accuracy

Additional data feeds:

  • object model representation, including transform and bounding box
  • pixel-wise depth and object metadata segmentation for cameras
  • object metadata segmentation for lidars
  • traffic control device states
  • human states
  • supported actuation / control
  • our vehicle dynamics in the loop (steering angle or torque, throttle, brake)
  • your vehicle dynamics in the loop (kinetic or accelerations)
  • kinematic (location and orientation)
  • body (lights, doors, etc.)

Solution Packages

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Environment: 30 day Free Trial of M-City

Environment: Unlimited use of Thunderhill West

8 types of cars, 5 types of pedestrians

Native ROS support

30 days of free traffic and scenario simulation with up to 10 saved scenarios




All of the features of DevKit plus

Environment: 30 day Free Trial of 52 miles of Sunnyvale, CA

Native ROS, NVIDIA DriveWorks support

1 year of free traffic and scenario simulation with up to 200 saved scenarios



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Custom environments to your spec or from HDMaps

Hundreds of cars and pedestrians

Support for PolySync, Renovo AWare, RTMaps or custom middleware

Unlimited traffic simulation and scenarios

Team collaboration tools


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